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Bucharest is a very popular destination with tourists. Find out, in this article, what are the leisure activities available there.

Bucharest is not only Romania's capital city but also its cultural center. Indeed, you can enjoy several leisure activities there, whether you are making a long or short stay. You should definitely take the time to explore its magnificent architecture, contrasted to nature thanks to several parks and green spaces. Bucharest is also an ideal place to enjoy the local arts, cuisine, as well as shopping.


You will most probably start your urban adventure by discovering the city's ancient architecture through its streets and other infrastructure. Remember that Bucharest is well served by the subway network and crossed by huge boulevards in the North and South. You can admire the Arc de Triomphe on the Chaussée de Kisseleff, which is bigger than the famous Champs Elysées Avenue in France.

You will also find a Civic Center which is crossed by other boulevards, thus connecting East and West Bucharest. The Calea Victoriei walk, which is also found along the Chaussée de Kisseleff, is especially popular with locals and tourist, particularly in summer.


If you wish to learn more about the Romanian history, several places of interest are recommended, namely the National History Museum, the Postal Palace, the Curtea Veche, ruins of the 15th century palace, Orthodox churches, the Parliament Palace, as well as other ruins dating back to Communist times. The Village Museum also hosts beautiful architectural works such as small churches that have been made in Maramure wood.

In short, each boulevard holds its lot of urban wonders that you can explore and enjoy during your leisure time.


Besides boulevards, you will also find many parks all around Bucharest. The Cismigiu Park, which is the most popular park, is found at the South end of Calea Victoriei and is surrounded by lakes and forests. Its beautiful lush green landscape is bordered by nice cafes and and pubs. In summer, you can even enjoy a pleasant boat tour on the rivers crossing the capital city.

Arts and culture

Amateurs of music in Bucharest can enjoy a nice Saturday night at the National Opera. The Romanian Athenaeum also hosts shows of worldwide artists. These events are very accessible, both to locals and expatriates, and tickets are much more affordable than in other countries. Therefore, cultural openings seem to be unlimited in the capital city.


As regards shopaholics, they will definitely not be disappointed. You can enjoy a walk in small roads that are crowded with merchants, as well as at the Sunday flea market which is held near the Dambovita river. You can thus discover and buy several craft products, as well as pottery, glassware, textile fabrics and wooden carvings, etc, almost everywhere in Bucharest. You will also find several shopping malls and boutiques in the city's main boulevards, as well as in Piata Unitii.


Finally, if you wish to discover the local cuisine, you are likely to find different types of restaurants and bars which are open every day. You will also be entitled to a warm welcome, along joyful gypsy music.

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