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Being Central Romania's most important city, Brasov provides many professional opportunities. Find out, in this article, how to land a job in this city.

Brasov is one of Romania's biggest and major cities as it is located in its center. Indeed, it is a very developed and vibrant city, almost as much as Bucharest, the capital city, thanks to numerous economic activities that take place there. Besides providing career prospects for foreigners, Brasov is also very open towards foreign investment. Therefore, you should not have much trouble in making up your mind to settle there, whether to work or for business purposes.


Thirty years ago, Brasov used to be one of Romania's most industrialized cities. Over the years, around 1989, industry let its place to other activities. Nowadays, the city's economy relies on various fields, namely services, tourism, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which are involved in different fields. However, some of these, such as the Autoliv Romania which is active in the automotive field, GlaxoSmithKline in pharmaceutical products, as well as cosmetic and textile industries also make a significant contribution to the city's economy till now.

Nowadays, among the major companies operating in Brasov you have: Autoliv Romania, SELGROS Cash & Carry, Europharm Holding and Schaeffler Romania, etc. Note that Autoliv Romania is involved in automotive security with the manufacture of security bags, airbags and other equipment. SELGROS Cash & Carry, for its part, is a group of hypermarkets with an outlet in Brasov. Europharm Holding distributes pharmaceutical products in Romania.

Labor market

Brasov is rather open towards foreign expertise in various fields given the strong presence of services and tourism in the city. In fact, most companies that are involved in these fields prefer to hire candidates having a good knowledge of one or more foreign languages such as English, French, besides Romanian.

On the other hand, SMEs have been replacing ancient industries over the years. You can also take advantage of the opportunities available and of incentives aiming at the ease of setting up a business in the city.

Find a job

It is not difficult to find job vacancies in Brasov on the Internet. Indeed, various general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks and other virtual platforms, regularly advertise current job offers. You can also seek the help of Brasov's Departmental Employment Agency or of the National Employment Agency which can provide you with advice, tips and latest updates, free of charge.

Consider sending spontaneous job applications to major companies operating in the city once you have selected and inquired about these. Finally, unlike in many other countries and major cities, local newspapers still advertise job vacancies in their classified ads section. So why not try your luck with these?

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