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What are the career prospects offered in Galati? How to proceed to find a job there? Find out in this article.

If you are moving to Romania, may you would turn to Galati which is one of its major cities. Indeed, Galati is a haven for foreign professionals seeking new opportunities, especially in the steel industry and in the shipbuilding field. So if you are considering to settle there, it is best to be aware of its labor market's requirements beforehand.


Galati's main economic activities revolve around the metal and steel industry. Indeed, ArcelorMittal Galati, former Sidex, is the region's biggest steel manufacturing plants, also one of the country's biggest ones. The city also hosts the country's biggest shipbuilding dockyard.

On the other hand, tourism makes an important contribution to the city's economy thanks to numerous places of interest, as well as hotels and other tourist infrastructure. However, it is to be noted that there are very few or almost no career prospects in this field.

Labor market

Given Galati's industrial aspect, the city is more appropriate for technicians, engineers and manual workers. In fact, most of the jobs advertised are available in the welding and naval engineering fields. Although these are quite limited, career prospects are still available. Note that engineering job offers are also available in other sectors.

Furthermore, the services field is another major job provider in Galati. Indeed, you can be hired as a customer service agent, in trade and marketing, etc.

Find a job

Like in most Romanian cities, there are various ways to find a job in Galati. You can start by browsing general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks and other virtual platforms. The Departmental Employment Agency can also provide you with useful information regarding the local labor market and on current vacancies.

You can also view classifieds ads in local newspapers. Indeed, job advertising is still very common in Romania, unlike in many other countries. Note, however, that you must have a good knowledge of the Romanian language to be able to work in Galati as this will greatly facilitate communication between you and your colleagues.

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