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Cluj's labor market is very open towards skills foreigners. Here are some tips to guide you during your job search in this city.

Like most major Romanian cities, Cluj is also quite open towards expatriates. In fact, various sectors currently require foreign expertise. So if you are looking forward to relocate in Romania, Cluj might interest you. But before proceeding, make sure to be aware of its local labor market's requirements so as to determine whether you would fit in there. Note that the city also attracts foreign investors in large numbers.


Cluj is undeniably one of Romania's most important economic centers for various reasons. First of all, many companies that are involved in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as well as in manufacturing and industry, are operating across the city. Agri-food, pharmaceutical industry, textiles, as well as energy production, also make a significant contribution to its economy.

In terms of information and communication technology and of new technologies, Cluj seems to be a direct rival to Bucharest, especially due to the presence of a Nokia factory and research center. Finally, other fields such as service, finance, tourism, etc, are also very important. Indeed, Cluj hosts many big banks, insurance and brokerage agencies, huge and famous shopping malls such as Carrefour and Auchan, as well as big wholesalers such as Cora and Metro, etc.

Labor market

Thanks to its multicultural aspects, Cluj has been attracting not only European and non-European workers, but also foreign investors wishing to take advantage of its economic development. Working in Cluj is also considered to be an opportunity for getting close to the Romanian culture and learn the language.

Note that non-European expatriates are also very sought in the fields of new technologies and of information and communication technology. Moreover, skilled engineers and technicians are required in the industrial and manufacturing fields. It is interesting to note that, to date, 97% of the region's total industrial production is involved in the construction of machinery equipment.

Find a job

Finding a job in Cluj is not a complicated task as you can choose from various means to start your search. Indeed, Internet is full of resources, from general and specialized job websites to professional social networks and other virtual platforms. You can also view job vacancies in local newspapers. Consider sending spontaneous job applications if you have selected a few companies which might interest you and if you feel you have the right profile.


Mastering the Romanian language is almost essential to be hired in Cluj, especially in some particular fields.

Finally, you can seek the assistance of the Departmental Employment Agency which can provide you with advice, tips, as well as updates regarding the latest job ads. Note that these services are free of charge. The National Employment Agency can also help you as all job vacancies in the region are regularly transmitted there.

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