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What are the most promising sectors in Timisoara? How to proceed to find a job there? Find out in this article.

Timisoara, one of the major Romanian cities, is very open towards foreign expertise. It is, in fact, a continuously developing city, especially thanks to foreign investment since many years. Despite its ancient looks, Timisoara is a vibrant city where you should not have trouble in finding a job. Make sure, however, to be aware of local features and of its labor market's requirements.


Timisoara is, in fact, an important economic center in Romania. It is, above all, a region that has massively attracted foreign investment over the years, including major German and Italian stakeholders. Thus, you will not miss the presence of major groups such as Continental AG which is involved in the manufacturing of tyres, Linde Group which is involved in the production of technical gas, Kromberg & Schubert which is a manufacturer of vehicle cables, and Volkswagen, a worldwide vehicle manufacturer, among many others.

You will also find many US firms such as Flextronics which manufactures mobile phones and Procter & Gamble which produces detergents.

Labor market

Given the strong presence of industries across the city, Timisoara mainly provides engineering and technical jobs. Vacancies are also available in the fields of tourism and hospitality thanks to the presence of many hotels. However, bear in mind that salaries offered by these fields may not be as attractive as you would expect.

On the other hand, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been invading Timisoara, like the rest of the country, since a few years. So why not try your luck in this field?

Find a job

There are various ways to search for a job in Timisoara. You can eventually start by browsing job offers on the Internet thanks to several general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks which can help potential employers to get in touch with you. The city also has a few virtual job search platforms which you can view from time to time.

 Good to know:

Unlike in other cities, you are required to have a good knowledge and understanding of the Romanian language to be able to work in Timisoara. Given the fields in which most job opportunities are available, these are very likely to be influenced professionally by the local culture and language.

Like most major Romanian cities, Timisoara also has a Departmental Employment Agency which can guide and advise you during your job search. Moreover, the National Employment Agency also regularly advertises job vacancies that are available in the cities like in the rest of the country.


In case you prefer to send spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city, make sure to have a good knowledge of the Romanian language, or even of English if you are aiming at foreign companies, including those which use international communication languages.

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