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Looking for career prospects in Sibiu? Find, in this article, some information on its labor market and tips to help you land a job.

Working in Sibiu can prove to be an enriching experience. In fact, many foreigners, before you, have already tried the adventure of looking for professional opportunities which, according to some, are abundant in this Romanian city. Given its central geographical location, Sibiu is above all an industrial and manufacturing city. But it can also be a very interesting city to live in thanks to its vibrant economy and pleasant environment which also attracts tourists in large numbers every year.


Sibiu is, above all, an industrial and manufacturing center, deemed to be one of Romania's major economic centers. Over the years, it has attracted a large number of foreigners. Indeed, its economic landscape consists of many international and multinational firms along with local companies. Note that its economy relies heavily on the manufacturing of automotive and electrical components, as well as textile and agriculture. Sibiu also hosts two major industrial zones which are located in the East and in the West of the city, not to mention a commercial zone which is close to the city center.

When it comes to the manufacture of automotive components, you can count in firms such as Bilstein-Compa, Takata, Continental and even SNR Roulements. As regards textile, Louis Vuitton has set up one of its factories in this city with 1/10 of the brand's global production. Also among the major foreign investors in Sibiu, you have German and Austrian companies, including Siemens which has three subsidiaries involved in the manufacturing of electromechanical components, metallic elements and electronic devices.

Finally, the worldwide distributor Metro has recently opened a wide wholesale supermarket in the city, named Metro Cash & Carry.

Labor market

In Sibiu, you are more likely to be hired in one of the most active fields: industry, trade, construction, health care, teaching and transports. Given the city's industrial and manufacturing landscape, many jobs are also available in the industry field. Hence, to date, 49% of the city's employees work in industry while 15% are employed in trade, 7.5% in construction, 7.5% in teaching, 7% in health care and, finally, 6.5% in transports.

Find a job

You can probably start your job search on the Internet thanks to numerous general and specialized job websites, as well as other virtual platforms and professional social networks. You can even view job offers in the classifieds section of local newspapers. Consider sending spontaneous job applications as well if you feel you have the right profile to join the companies you have selected.

The National Employment Agency also advertises regularly job vacancies that are available in Sibiu. The same applies to Sibiu's Departmental Employment Agency. Note that this service is free of charge.

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