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Lisbon is nicknamed Lisa by its inhabitants. Being one of the most popular European capital cities, it also offers many leisure activities.

Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, is one of Europe's most historical and symbolic capital cities. Nicknamed Lisa by its inhabitants, it is also known to be a dynamic city, offering leisure activities for all tastes and ages. Hence, if you are moving there, take the time to discover its multiples faces by mingling with the Portuguese culture and lifestyles. There is so much to do in Lisbon if you feel like breaking off the daily humdrum.

Cultural and historical mosaic

If you wish to get closer to the Portuguese culture, you can not only turn to the Gulbenkian Foundation and Centro Cultural de Belém but also to the Municipality of Lisbon and the Tourism Office. You will also find many museums, theaters, as well as libraries, auditoriums, art galleries and cinema halls. Moreover, the city often hosts various cultural events all year round. You can simply not get bored in Lisbon.


Sportsmen can also enjoy various sports activities in Lisbon, namely football, volley-ball, golf, and many others. You can register with a sports club once you have settled in the city, or simply enjoy its modern sports infrastructure such as football and volley-ball grounds, as well as gyms. You can as well practice water sports in coastal regions. As for children, they can enjoy Lisbon's numerous parks and green spaces, some of which include board sports.

Other activities

If you are new in Lisbon, feel free to go out and explore its rich architecture through its ancient buildings, its history through its museums, monuments and other places of interest. As for gourmets, they can discover Portugal's gastronomic heritage through many restaurants and bars, etc.

Night life

Night life lovers will be delighted to find bars, pubs and night clubs all around Lisbon. You can hang out at night or during week-ends. You can as well attend Fado concerts in traditional bars if you are an amateur of folk music.

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