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Lisbon has a modern and developed transport network. You don't need a car to travel from one place to another. Various means of transports are available.

Are you wondering how to move from there to there in Lisbon? The Portuguese capital city hosts various means of transport along with a developed road infrastructure.

Lisbon is known to be Portugal's most active and busiest city. But like all business centers, its inhabitants also face daily traffic jam. This can be quite bothering if you usually travel by car. Thus, it is better to opt for public transports such as buses, subway or taxi, particularly when you are going to work. In fact, public transport is the most popular and cheapest means of transport for expatriates in Lisbon.


Lisbon is famous for its narrow roads which are often closed to traffic. In fact, parking lots are quite scarce in the Portuguese capital city which also hosts a busy tramway and subway network. So if you are in a hurry but you wish to avoid all this rush, you can travel by taxi. Lisbon, actually, has a wide taxi fleet which you can recognize due to their light beige color. These are very comfortable while rates are affordable.

Lisbon's taxis are equipped with a meter. Hence, if you wish to travel to the city center, you will spend less than 10 euros plus 2 additional euros. However, night rates are 20% higher. You will also have to pay an additional 1.60 euros if you are carrying luggage.

 Good to know:

You can purchase a taxi voucher if you intend to travel by taxi very often. The voucher is a prepaid system which will allow you to travel to any Lisbon neighborhood from the airport, at night or during the day. Flat rates apply. These vouchers can be obtained at the Lisbon Tourism Office.


You can use the metro once you have got used to the Portuguese lifestyles and high activity. The city hosts four lines which are divided into two zones: the Coroa 1 and the Coroa L. The Coroa 1 covers Lisbon's peripheral zone while the Coroa L covers tourism routes.

In general, subways are available as from 6.30am till 1am the next day. Rates are around 1.40 euros per zone. But you can also opt for the Cartão Viva Viagem/Sete Colinas which is a prepaid and rechargeable subway pass. Moreover, subway stations, namely those of Campo Pequeno, Jardim Zoológico, Marquês de Pombal, Parque, Picoas, etc., are known for their clean and artistic characteristics.

If you prefer to travel by commuter trains, tickets can be purchased at automatic counters at train stations.

Bus and tram

Tramways are one of the most practical and pleasant ways to travel across Lisbon and discover its landscapes and historical neighborhoods. Note that the Cartão Viva Viagem/Sete Colina also applies to the tramway. You can thus enjoy a 24 hours travel by bus or by tramway, or by the Santa Justa elevador. This should cost some 2.58 euros.

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