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It can be quite difficult for expatriates to find accommodation in Lisbon. Find in this article on overview of this Portuguese city housing options.

Lisbon is a very modern and developed city, being Portugal's capital city. Many foreigners have been moving there for a few years, seeking new opportunities in different fields. However, finding accommodation has been the major obstacle for those who have decided to settle there. In fact, accommodation offers are quite rare in Lisbon. Rent prices are also very high compared to other Portuguese cities. But you can still find accommodation there if you are patient enough, and a bit lucky.

In fact, inquiring on Lisbon's different neighborhoods and on accommodation options which are available there may help. Some of these may be more affordable and appropriate than others.


Lisbon has many attractive neighborhoods where expatriates have settled over the years. Alcantara and Lapa, for instance, are known to be residential neighborhoods with high standard apartments. However, these neighborhoods are less active and do not host commercial areas. Lapa is, above all, a posh neighborhood with modern and luxurious apartments. You can also find high standard accommodations in Campo de Ourique, though these can be small. Campo de Ourique is a lively and dynamic neighborhood, including many shops and a daily market.

Chiado and Bairro alto are historical neighborhoods with comfortable and affordable accommodation options. However, these neighborhoods really lack parking spaces. It is preferable to travel by bus. You will also be able to enjoy its urban lifestyle. If you prefer a more typical lifestyle, you can turn to Alfama, Castelo and Graça with are Lisbon's oldest neighborhoods. Roads are rather narrow but you will be delighted by their livelihood. Moreover, rent prices are lower there.

As regards commercial and business centers, Baixa and Avenida da Liberdade are currently experiencing real estate development. Close by is Chiado, which is a posh neighborhood with big, modern and luxurious apartments as well as high fashion boutiques. Tourists usually flock there, just like in Expo. You can also find Amoreiras, Estrela, Rato and Principe Real nearby. These neighborhoods have a good transport network as well as a bio market and botanical garden. However, apartments rent prices are quite high.

Note that apartments and houses offers are abundant in Restelo, which is a residential and cultural neighborhood. You can also find restaurants and boutiques there. Many foreigners have settled there for its pleasant and rural lifestyle inside an urban area.

Find accommodation

Internet is definitely the best way to find accommodation in Lisbon. However, you have to be careful as you are more likely to find holiday accommodation offers. You can as well check out classified ads in local newspapers.

If you are already on the spot, you can register with a real estate agency.

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Rent prices

Rent prices in Lisbon usually vary from one neighborhood to another. Hence, according to the new urban lease law, that is the Nova Lei do Arrendamento Urbano, you can rent a new and equipped single bedroom apartment with a garage in Lapa as from 1,500 euros per month. For a two bedroom apartment plus garage in Campolide, you will need between 900 and 1,400 euros. The same may apply to a two bedroom apartment in Principe Real.

If you prefer to rent a three bedroom apartment plus garage in Amoreiras, you will need some 2,200 to 2,800 euros per month.

The Nova Lei do Arrendamento Urbano

The Nova Lei do Arrendamento Urbano has been approved in December 2012 focuses mainly on lease terms and rent. In fact, it aims to facilitate lease conditions for the benefit of tenants. This law stipulated the following:

  • Tenants can now be evicted in case of non-payment of two month rent
  • Owners can update their rent prices but tenants can either accept or make counter proposals. The final amount will be calculated accordingly. In case no agreement has been found, the owner may let his property unoccupied. However, he will have to pay damages to the tenant
  • When a tenant has been evicted, he does not have to leave immediately. In fact, the latter is allowed to leave within 6 months following the eviction order. This delay can be extended to a year in the case of a family with a student at charge (till 26 years).
  • Rent prices may be increased by owners. But tenants who are not able to pay these are advised to negotiate with the owner.
We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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