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A pet is considered as a family member. So if you are moving to Portugal, you will definitely want it to accompany you. Some procedures apply.

Do you intend to travel to Portugal? But what are you going to do with your pet? Find out, in this article, how it can accompany you.

If you have a pet and you are planning to travel to Portugal, you must be wondering how to bring it with you. In fact, you will have to comply with some Portuguese regulations regarding pet import. But this should not be very difficult. Most countries require, more or less, the same documents, that is a health card and vaccination certificate for your pet. Moreover, you will have to prove that your pet enjoys a good health and is safe to travel to Portugal. Note that the conditions apply to both European and non-European nationals.


First of all, your pet has to wear an electronic identification microchip or a clear tattoo if it has been registered before the 3rd of July 2011. You are also required to obtain a pet passport for the latter, mentioning any vaccination, operation or other veterinary intervention. The passport will be issued by the veterinary himself. You will also have to produce a health certificate which has been issued by a recognized veterinary.

As regards the rabies vaccination, your pet should be vaccinated at least three months before the scheduled date of departure.


In general, pets coming from other European countries are not quarantined. However, different conditions may apply to pets coming from other countries. You are advised to inquire with the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in your home country beforehand.


It is important for foreigners to comply with existing rules regarding pet import in Portugal. Note that your pet may be seized or put down by local authorities if you cross the borders without all necessary documents and if its vaccination has not been updated. Hence, it is better to seek all related information before traveling to Portugal in order to avoid surprises.

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