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Portugal offers various opportunities to foreigners seeking a professional internship there. But what are the conditions that apply? Find the answers in this article.

Many students and young professionals across the globe dream of acquiring professional experience in a foreign country. Portugal can be the ideal country if you are one of these. Portugal indeed offers various opportunities in different fields for the ones seeking an internship. But it is recommended to inquire about related conditions before proceeding.


To be eligible for an internship in Portugal, you must:

  • be less than 30 years old
  • have a good command of the Portuguese language (particularly if you wish to perform an internship in the tourism field. But a knowledge of other foreign languages such as English, Spanish, French and German are also an advantage)
  • be able to justify your competencies, skills and your academic qualifications.

However, Portugal does not have any legislation regarding internships. The labour code prevails on any issue regarding internships.


In general, Portuguese companies welcome foreign students, freshly graduated young professionals, as well as job seekers.


The internship duration varies between one and twelve months.

Internship agreement

In case the internship is carried out within a specific program, there should be an agreement between the organizing institute and the company which is offering the internship. This agreement is not compulsory but may be useful, mainly if it is going to be remunerated.

Social protection

Foreigners participating in a European internship program or who are sent to Portugal via a foreign company have to obtain the European Health Insurance Card. They are also required to subscribe to a civil responsibility insurance.

Once you are on board, you will be covered by the Portuguese social security service via your employer. You can then request for your social security number with the Loja do Cidadão.


Like in many countries, internships in Portugal are not remunerated, unless there is an agreement in this regard. Then, you can receive the same salary as a local employee.

Apply for an internship

If you have not benefited from an internship offer via a specific program, you can still apply for an internship in the Portuguese company of your choice. You just have to send your resume, accompanied by a motivation letter. Do not hesitate to contact local, national, as well as international firms operating in the country.

You can also check out internship offers on the internet.

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