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Warsaw's labor market is rather open towards foreign expertise. Find out how to find a job in the Pole capital city.

Warsaw, the Polish capital city, is the country's most dynamic area. It has been attracting many expatriates over the years thanks to its open labor market and its developed and robust economy. If you intend to move there, you will probably have to find a job, and this should not be very complicated. Note, above all, that a good command of English and some knowledge of Polish will be your key assets besides your qualifications and skills.


Warsaw has inherited a strong economic growth during the 2nd half of the 20th century, sustained by a planned economy in the 1990s. Nowadays, the Polish capital city is deemed to be a continuously developing and improving economy. In fact, it hosts more than 60 higher education institutions which make up its education hub, as well as various industries. Note that Warsaw is also known to be Central Europe's cultural, financial and economic heart.

Warsaw has the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Poland and the lowest unemployment rate. It therefore contrasts with the other major Pole cities. In fact, many local and international companies are continuing to set up their business in the region, thus stimulating its economy.

Career prospects

As mentioned above, Warsaw hosts many Polish and international companies that are involved in different sectors. Therefore, several opportunities are available for expatriates while the unemployment rate remains low. Languages teachers, in particular, are very likely to be hired in the city given the presence of a number of higher education institutions. So why not try your luck if you have the relevant qualifications besides a good command of English.

Find a job

Most companies operating in Poland have their own website. So you may start your job search by contacting them. Feel free to browse ads on general and specialized job websites, professional social networks and other virtual platforms as well. And why not check out classified ads in local newspapers?

You may also seek the help of your home country's Chamber of Commerce in Poland, if any, or other diplomatic representations. These can provide you with a directory of companies operating in Warsaw.

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