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Looking for a job in Krakow? Here are some tips to guide you through your search.

As the second biggest Polish city after Warsaw, Krakow is a major expat destination. Indeed, it has been attracting many expatriates since many years due to its developed and dynamic economy. So if you are planning to move there, you should probably start by inquiring on its labor market so as to determine whether you would fit in. In general, Krakow is very open towards qualified and skilled expatriates. So why not try your luck?


Like Warsaw, Krakow is also an economically dynamic city with a low unemployment rate, that is 5% compared to 13% in the rest of the country. Most career prospects in the city are provided by the private sector. Indeed, the city hosts many national, international and multinational companies such as Google, IBM, as well as the German truck manufacturer MAN and many British and Scandinavian companies.

Tourism also makes a significant contribution to the local economy while creating jobs. In fact, Krakow is the second most popular destination in Poland after the capital city.

Labor market

Krakow is an easily accessible city, especially thanks to its public transport network. Hence, you can easily go to work there even if you have not chosen to settle there. Note, moreover, that most companies operating in the city have Polish, English and French-speaking staff. So you should not have much trouble in adapting to your new working environment.

Given the city's economic diversity, career prospects are available in several fields, namely tourism, accounting, communication, information and communication technology, finance, etc.

 Good to know:

By choosing to move to Krakow, you will come across a cosmopolitan population, including many tourists and expatriates with different nationalities. You might have understood by now that living in Krakow comprises several advantages.

Find a job

Finding a job in Krakow should not be a difficult task, especially thanks to the Internet. Indeed, you will come across offers on general and specialized job networks, professional social networks and other virtual platforms. However, most of these ads are published in Polish, so you better have some knowledge of the national language.

Why not try your luck with your home country's Chamber of Commerce in Poland as well, if any? It may provide you with the directory of companies operating across the city. You can thus start by sending them spontaneous job applications, whether in Polish or in English. In all cases, it is rather easy to find a job in Krakow from abroad.

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