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Wondering what life is all about in Poland? Here is an overview of the Pole culture, traditions, cuisine, etc.

When moving to a foreign country, discovering the local lifestyle will be one of your first steps towards adaptation. So if you are moving to Poland, you will probably start by inquiring on its population, on their way of living and on the Pole society at large. Regardless of the country where you come from, you shall not have much trouble in getting used to your new environment thanks to the local ambiance and environment thanks to its inhabitants' hospitality and friendliness, along with culture and traditions, an unparalleled cuisine, etc.


Pole traditions mainly revolve around hospitality and the local cuisine, especially when it comes to foreigners. Despite language barriers, the Pole are very friendly and hospitable people who will not hesitate to engage in a conversation. Most of the people are very conscious about tolerance while respecting all communities in the same way. Moreover, they give great importance to religious festivals.


As mentioned earlier in this Guide, Poland has a great cultural and historical heritage which is highly valued by its population. Several famous artists, such as Chopin, who was a pianist and composer at the Warsaw Conservatory, Franciszek Starowieyski and Andrzej Tomaszewski, have greatly honored the country in the past. Their masterpieces, which are exhibited in national museums, have never failed to amaze tourists and locals who do not get enough of learning more about their ancient generations.

Festivals and beliefs

Nowadays, several international festivals which are based on music, cinema, etc, are celebrated in Poland. Nevertheless, the population is still very attached to ancient cultures and religious celebrations. In fact, most of the public holidays observed in the country are linked to religious festivals such as Christmas, Assumption, All Saints Day, etc. Note that most of the Pole population (95%) is of Christian faith. Therefore, Christmas and Easter are celebrated over two to three days with great pomp.


The Pole music has been famous for more than 10 centuries thanks to its Slavic and Christian origins. It is still very popular in the countryside, although Western and international music is more common in major cities. Folk music is very diversified and varies from one region to another. Every rhythm is accompanied by its own dance style.

Nowadays, local artists are rather influences by Western and international musicians. In fact, the country regularly hosts many pop, jazz, Pole rock, hip hop music festivals.


The Bigos, which is the local sauerkraut, is almost an essential part of the traditional Polish cuisine. You also have the Kotlet schabowy, which is a pork fillet with cabbage and potatoes, the carp, as well as cheese cakes, etc. Pole hosts also usually offer different types of home made alcoholic beverages such as vodka, wine, beer and other spirits to accompany your dinner.

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