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Wondering how to keep yourself busy during your leisure time in Poland? Find all that you need to know about leisure in Poland in this article.

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland has become a popular expat destination over the years. Its huge historical and cultural heritage, including many museums, monuments, events, etc, are a real delight for locals and foreigners, including tourists. So if you are moving there, whether alone or with your family, you are simply not likely to get bored thanks to several leisure activities that are available there: shopping, sightseeing, sports, etc. Take the time to inquire about these before starting.


Why not start by touring the country? Regardless of the place where you have settled, folk means of transport such as horse carriages will take you anywhere you want. You can thus stroll along the streets of the different neighborhoods and discover their historical legacy. Note that Poland comprises not less than 887 cities. But in all cases, Warsaw and Krakow are the most popular ones.


Nature is also omnipresent in Poland. In fact, the country host many marshlands, forests, wild rivers, as well as lakes and crystal waters. The Bialowieza virgin forest, the Kampinos forest and the Biebrza park, for instance, are ideal places to be on week-ends or during your vacations. If you prefer trekking, why not turn towards the high mountains?


If you prefer to stay around your city, you can choose from several restaurants, bowling clubs, karting, cinema halls, and many other leisure activities, both by day and night. In general, Polish shopping malls have a Western style. Some of these even host electronic game rooms and cinema halls. If you like to play pool, you will simply be delighted.


The Pole enjoy a vibrant nightlife which is very similar to that of Western countries. Indeed, you are likely to find many clubs, discos, concert halls and many other halls where you can hang out with your friends. The atmosphere is rather diverse to suit everyone's taste. Some may prefer jazz and poetic nights while others are keener about slam and puns.


In general, swimming pools in Poland are covered due to particularly low temperatures. You will also find many aqua parks for all ages. Some of these structures have been built near thermal sources so that these can be visited all year long (including open air swimming pools).

In major cities, you will find many gyms where you can practice different types of sports, including tennis, badminton, squash, and even climbing.


As mentioned above, Poland not only has a great legacy but also enjoys cultural diversity like most big European capital cities. This is especially described by its numerous museums, halls, etc. The Duszniki Zdroj Paper Museum, the Lodz Textile Museum, the Legnica Copper Museum, as well as the Firearms and Military Objects Museum in Swidnica, are the most popular ones. You will also find many small private museums which have been designed by passionate owners.

Chopin, famous composer, is remembered in cities such as Poznan, Katowice and Lodz, with orchestras and operas, etc. Moreover, many musical and cultural events are held in the major Polish cities all year round, especially in Warsaw and Krakow.

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