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Looking forward to move to Warsaw? Find out, in this article, how to find accommodation in the Pole capital city.

Rich in history, Warsaw is the Pole capital city. Rebuilt withing 20 following World War II, it is not only the biggest city in the country but also its economic, financial, cultural and artistic heart. Warsaw has been experiencing continuous development since many years, thus ranking among the major Central European economic powerhouses. It has thus been attracting expatriates in large numbers by providing various professional and investment opportunities in different sector.

 Good to know:

Thanks to its wide opening to the rest of Europe, Warsaw is known for offering quality living to its inhabitants, including expatriates and foreign students.


Warsaw is divided into 18 districts. Each of these comprises several neighborhoods. For instance, Stare Miasto, also known as the Old City, Nowe Miasto or the Old City, and Srodmiescie, which is the city-center, are the most popular areas. However, due to rent prices, most expatriates prefer to settle in the city's outskirts. These are especially ideal for foreign students.

Warsaw's outskirts also host many individual houses, unlike the city-center where you will mostly find huge residential buildings and smaller apartments.

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The capital city is very accessible and open to the rest of the country thanks to its developed and dense transport network. Find more information in the article Transports in Warsaw.


Warsaw is especially appropriate for expatriates who are moving to Poland with their children. In fact, you should have no trouble in finding child care or international schools for your children in the capital city. Moreover, you are likely to find many foreign brands and shops in the different neighborhoods. Shopping malls, for their part, are open on week days and during the week-end as well. So you are definitely not likely to get bored there.

Rent prices

In general, rent prices are higher in the city-center than in the outskirts. Thus, count an average of 2,000 new zloty per month for a studio in the city-center against 1,500 new zloty per month for the same type of accommodation outside the city-center. In the outskirts, rent prices can be much lower. As regards big apartments, rent prices range between a minimum of 2,600 and 3,800 new zloty per month in the outskirts and in the city-center respectively.

Find accommodation

There are several ways of finding accommodation in Warsaw thanks to the range of offers. But you are advised to settle for short-term rental on your arrival in the city. Once you have moved there, you will have time to look for a more appropriate long term accommodation by visiting the different neighborhoods and housing units.

Feel free to browse classified ads on the Internet and in local newspapers as well. For more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly, consider registering with a real estate agency. In fact, the real estate agent will make sure to guarantee your rights as a tenant. Find more information in the article Accommodation in Poland.

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