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Finding accommodation will be one of your priorities if you are moving to Poland. Here is an overview of the local rental market.

Since many years, Poland has been attracting expatriates from neighboring countries, as well as from the rest of the world. Besides various opportunities in various fields, the country also provides several accommodation options to expatriates. Although the local rental market is comparable to that of other European countries, it comprises a range of options at quite affordable prices.

Indeed, you are likely to find big residential buildings, apartments, etc. Whether you are moving there alone or with your family, you will definitely be entitled to comfortable housing units. But make sure to inquire on the different cities and neighborhoods so as determine which one will suit you best according to your needs.

Lease conditions

The Pole lease contract is quite particular. In fact, Poles do not usually conclude official contracts. Thus, lease is rather an agreement between the owner and tenant. Note, however, that an official lease contract will definitely guarantee your rights as a tenant in case of court dispute. So in case you are signing an official lease contract with the owner, make sure to verify the conditions beforehand, especially whether charges are included and if an inventory of the premises is annexed.

In case of termination of contract, you are required to notify the owner via a letter, specifying the purpose. You also have to give a month's notice to the owner.

Rent prices

Rent prices are considered as affordable according to the salaries earned by expatriates. However, due to the huge student population of big Pole cities, rent prices are deemed to be quite high compared to the smaller cities and other areas.

Hence, count an average of 1,100 to 2,500 new zloty per month for a non-furnished apartment. Of course, prices vary from one region to another and according to the housing size and standards. You are more likely to find cheaper housing units in city outskirts and in the smaller Pole cities.

Find accommodation

In general, you are advised to start looking for short-term accommodation from your home country. Once you have moved to Poland, you will then have time to look for long-term housing by visiting and inquiring on the different areas. This will also allow you to negotiate conditions and rent prices with owners during the agreement.

Most of the classifieds ads in local newspapers and online are available in Polish. You must therefore have some knowledge of Polish when proceeding. Networking will also help if you have friends or contacts on the spot. Why not register with a real estate agency as well? This will definitely help you overcome the language barrier and find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly. The real estate agent will also make sure that your rights as a tenant as being respected.

 Good to know:

Agency fees usually vary from one agency to another, depending on the services requested.

When touring different neighborhoods, feel free to seek the guidance of their inhabitants. So good luck and welcome to Poland!

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