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Foreigners may find it hard to rent an apartment in Norway. Rents are indeed relatively expensive due to accommodation high quality standards in the country. In other words, it is impossible to rent a slum or dilapidated housing. It costs around €1,000 per month for a three bedrooms apartment in the capital, up to €2,000 in some city districts. Prices are often lower elsewhere in Norway. Rent leases are generally one year in length and renewable, a deposit is required. Notice of termination of lease is usually three months.  

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Visit the NEF website ("Norges Eiendomsmglerforbund") to find apartments for rent at

Finn - find an apartment for rent in Norway

Buy a property in Norway: 

It is possible to buy a property in Norway through a lawyer, a bank or a realtor. Based on a fixed price, prospective buyers must make an offer. Once the first auction round is completed, potential buyers can bid again. Once the best bid is selected, the buyer is obliged to conclude the sale.

It is highly advised to have a personal contribution to buy a property in Norway, although some banks may offer mortgages up to the full amount. You can find out more information about buying property in Norway on the NEF website at

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