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Find, in this article, an overview of Luxembourg's higher education system and useful information on enrollment procedures.

Like most European countries, Luxembourg is also very open toward foreign students wishing to study in one of its universities or higher education institutions. In fact, enrollment procedures are quite simple. Student accommodation is also quite easy to find. So if you also wish to fly to Luxembourg and study there, start inquiring about the entry requirements and any other related formalities.

Higher education system

The country is famous for the University of Luxembourg which consists of three campuses, as well as the Institut Universitaire International. The University of Luxembourg, for instance, is divided into three faculties:

  • Science, Technology and Communication
  • Law, Economics and Finance
  • Humanities, Arts and Education.

This university provides a multilingual curriculum along with international specialization courses. Moreover, all students are offered to perform at least one semester abroad during their studies.

The University of Luxembourg also includes the Luxembourg School of Finance which offers a Degree in collaboration with companies and the Luxembourg Business Academy which, in turn offers a Masters in collaboration with the Luxembourg Chamber of commerce and business.

Finally, the Institut Universitaire International is specialized in continuous training. It offers post-graduate courses in the field of law and economics. These courses are adapted to the country's specific features and economic assets.

You will also find technical schools which prepare students for senior technical skills in business, management, arts and health care. These include preparatory courses for the BTS and specialized BTS in health care professions.

Enrollment procedures

Courses are generally taught in French, German and English. In the case of courses that are taught in a foreign language, a language certificate is required. The language level is also verified by the Cambridge or TOEFL examinations for English and Goethe or TaF diplomas for German. As regards the recognition of French and European diplomas, each university can determine the requirements for BTS and DUT holders.

In fact, they are required to produce their degree containing details and results. Finally, the Baccalaureate degree is essential for access to higher education in Luxembourg universities. Note that a Masters at the Institut Universitaire International involves four years of higher studies or an equivalent professional title.

You can enroll directly at the chosen university or higher education institution, not later than during the month of May. You are advised to attach a recommendation letter issued by a professor or research director to the application. You will be called for an interview before admission. Note that registration fees vary according to the chosen diploma and curriculum.

Student accommodation

The University of Luxembourg provides on campus accommodation for its students. Therefore, you will need an average of € 380 for a room. You can have more information at the university's Registry. The Service des études et de la vie étudiante (SEVE) also provides accommodation such as rooms and flat-sharing.

Otherwise, you can rent a room or an apartment on your own. Housing offers are available on specialized housing websites and in local newspapers. However, rent prices will be higher, especially in the capital city where you can expect to pay between € 750 and € 1,800.

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