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Wondering how to make phone calls and access to the Internet in Luxembourg? Here is an overview of the country's telecommunications market.

Nowadays, telecommunications are an indivisible part of everyday life, especially when you are moving abroad. So if you are relocating in Luxembourg, you should not have to worry. Phones and Internet are easily accessible across the country thanks to the presence of several phone and Internet service providers. You just have to decide whether you wish to obtain a land line or a mobile phone, or both, and what type of Internet connection you would prefer.

Land line

You can apply for a land line if you are planning to make a long stay in Luxembourg. You can thus choose between the analog line, which provides basic practical features such as call forwarding and sending and receiving faxes, and the ISDN line which will allow you to perform several tasks at a time. The ISDN, providing multiple numbers, is ideal for companies.


Luxembourg hosts four mobile phone service providers, namely Post, Tango, Orange and Join Experience. These offer different packages, including prepaid service. Luxembourg Online, for its part, operates as a virtual mobile network operator while others also provide land line and Internet connection altogether. In some cases, various services are consolidated in a single package for loyal customers.


The major Internet service providers offer both ADSL and broadband services. These generally provide technicians for the modem installation and the configuration of the wireless network. You can also access to cable TV with some service providers if you have an ADSL connection. Note that some service providers offer a combined mobile and Internet connection bundle along with your land line that you can settle all your bills at once with a single account.

In case you do not yet have a computer, you can still access to the Internet at public access points called “Internetstuff”. You can even print documents there.

 Good to know:

HotCity, which is Luxembourg's major Wi-Fi service provider, allows visitors and residents to connect to the Internet and to communal web services in some cities.


Subscription formalities are the same for land lines, mobile phones and Internet. You simply have to visit a branch of your favorite service provider with your identification documents (passport or other travel document), proof of address and your bank account number for direct debit. Other documents may also be requested, according to different service providers. You are advised to inquire with them before subscribing.

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