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Wondering how to find a job in Dudelange? Here is an overview of this city's labor market along with some tips to help you land a job.

Dudelange is another of Luxembourg's major cities besides Luxembourg City and Ecsh-sur-Alzette. From a steel city, it has been transformed into an important and dynamic industrial city over the years. Hence, Dudelange provides many professional opportunities for expatriates wishing to settle there. Note that Dudelange's labor market also includes a large number of cross-border workers.

In fact, unemployment rate in this city is deemed to be surprising as most of the jobs available are occupied by cross-border workers. So why not try your luck there?

 Good to know:

Dudelange's population consists of some 20,000 inhabitants, including 38% of foreigners.


The city's economy is mainly based on industry. In fact, former steel city, Dudelange has been converted into an industrial city thanks to its dynamism and diversity. Many industrial groups have set up their head offices and subsidiaries in the region, thus providing various job opportunities. ArcelorMittal, Guardian and Husky, for instance, are located in this city.

Labor market

As mentioned previously, industry remains the main job provider in Dudelange. But jobs are also available in trade and commercial fields, as well as in engineering. In fact, many large companies are currently looking for qualified professionals in these fields. Moreover, currently ongoing projects are expected to create more jobs in the coming years, especially in the field of industry.

Find a job

You can start your job search by browsing general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks and the European Mobility Portal. You are also advised to send spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city to have more chances of landing a job. The Fédération des commerçants et artisans de la ville de Dudelange (FCAD) can also be of great help as it has the coordinates of all companies registered in the city.

Finally, you can register with a temporary recruitment agency which can help you find a job according to your profile. A list of temporary recruitment agencies is available in public directories.

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