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Are you looking for a job in Rome? It may not be as easy as you think if you are looking for a permanent job. Find out more in this article.

There are numerous various job perspectives for expatriates seeking professional experience in Rome. The capital city, in fact, attracts large numbers of young professionals every year due to its open labor market. However, it can be quite difficult for a foreigner to find a permanent job. Most expat jobs available are temporary. Thus, you have to obtain a job permit well before starting your job search in Rome. You are also advised to inquire if there is any restriction regarding your activity field.

Labor market

Rome's labor market is quite unstable. In fact, some fields are in shortage of manpower while others are saturated. This is why you should gather the maximum information on the local labor market before setting out on your job search.

The main recruiting sectors in Rome are teaching, information and communication technology, trade, administration, tourism, retail and distribution. But engineers, technicians, controllers, accountants, customer service assistants, call center operators, etc., are also very likely to be hired.

Note that you must have a good command of the Italian language to be hired in Rome. You are also required to be properly dressed up and be punctual and regular.

Types of jobs

There are different types of job offers in Rome, namely voluntary jobs which allow you to acquire professional experience in Italy along with learning Italian, seasonal jobs such as foreign languages teachers, holiday jobs which allow you to work in Rome during the tourism peak season and earn some 95 euros per week in restaurants, pubs bars, etc.

Students can opt for internship programs requiring an agreement between their college or university and the employer. However, the internship must be a part of your study program. Young professionals may be eligible to the Working Holidays Visa (WHV) allowing them to work and study in the country for a determined period, usually not more than a year. You can inquire on the WHV with the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.


In Rome, as in the rest of the country, workers are entitled to a legal 40 hours working week. Odd hours are remunerated. As regards retirement age, the legal retirement age has been fixed at 65 years. You will then be eligible to a retirement pension following a 25 years contribution to the Social Security Scheme. Note that the employer's' contribution amounts to 30% while that of the employee amounts to 10%.

On retirement, you will also be entitled to a ''lump sum'' which is known as the ''liquidazione'' in Italy. This sum is equal to your average salary multiplied to the number of years you have worked.

In general, employment contracts may have a determined, non-determined duration, seasonal or temporary. Trial period varies from 15 days to 6 months.

Find a job

You can start your job search by checking out job websites and classified ads in local newspapers. You can as well register with a recruitment agency in Rome if you are already on the spot.

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