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Milan is a dream destination for thousands of expatriates seeking a professional adventure in Italy. It is in fact the country's key economic region.

Milan has always been conducive to expatriation due to the numerous professional opportunities which are available there. This Italian city is, above all, known to be the country's economic center, as well as its trade, financial and industrial point. If you wish to settle there, you will definitely have to find a job.

This should not be complicated if you have necessary competencies and skills as well as all required paperwork. But you are advised to inquire on Milan's labor market before moving there.

 Good to know:

Italian is the country's and the city's official language. You must, thus, have a good command of the Italian language to be hired. But a good knowledge of English or French, or both, will definitely be an advantage. In fact, Milan's population consists of 20% of English-speaking people and 19% of French-speaking people.


Milan has always been considered as Italy's tertiary industry point. Its economy is mainly based on financial services, trade and distribution. But other sectors such as railways, electronics, electrical, automotive, plastic manufacturing, as well as chemical and petroleum plants also contribute to its developed economy.

Thus, foreigners are likely to be hired in sectors such as financial services, trade and distribution, as well as in the manufacturing sector and the chemical fields. Jobs are also available in the health care, education, administrative and hospitality fields.

Find a job

Foreigners wishing to work in Milan, like in most Schengen countries, have to produce a valid identity card or passport to be authorized to work there. They will also have to obtain a work permit, that is a 'Permesso di lavoro'. They can either fill in related formalities themselves or seek their employer's assistance. European Union citizens, on the other hand, do not require a work permit. A valid residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) is sufficient. The document can be obtained upon registration at the nearest police station to your place.

Note that you must also register with the local labor office, that is the Ufficio del Collocamento, if you have not yet found a job.


The local labor market requires, above all, a pleasant and elegant workforce. Thus, you are expected to be well dressed, dynamic and punctual, whether during the interview appointment or once you have been hired. Employees flexibility is also very appreciated.

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