Traveling to Italy with your pet


There are some strict regulations to follow if you wish to travel to Italy with your pet. Read more on related conditions in this article.

If you are traveling to Italy, you will probably wish your pet to accompany you if you have any. But you are advised to inquire on existing regulations before traveling. In fact, your pet will have to transit through customs on its arrival in the country. These regulations mainly aim at keeping Italy free from any health hazard.

Planning your move

Before moving you Italy, you are advised to seek information on required vaccines, tattoos and certificates with related authorities in your home country beforehand. You will need to produce these documents to the customs department on your arrival. Note that some vaccines have to be administered a few months prior to your departure. So it is better to start the procedures at least six months before the scheduled date of departure.


First of all, your pet should wear an identification microchip or tattoo which will be verified by a certified veterinarian. In fact, your pet will have to undergo a complete medical examination before traveling with you to Italy. Moreover, the latter will have to be vaccinated against rabies if your home country is excluded from the European Union. The vaccine's effectiveness also has to be tested at least three months before the scheduled date of departure. Note that samples will be sent to a laboratory which is approved by the European Union.

Your pet must also be in possession of a rabies vaccination certificate, as well as an international pet health card.


If your pet is more than three months old, it must bear a valid European passport issued by a licensed veterinarian. Note that your pet's international health card and vaccination certificate will be requested by custom officers on its arrival in Italy. Note that the health card will only be valid for six days.

In case you are traveling with a dog, you are required to keep it on a leash and muzzled.

 Good to know:

Your pet will not be quarantined on its arrival in Italy, provided it has met all requirements.


As in most European Union countries, following rules regarding pet import is compulsory. Any infringe to related laws is subject to the following penalties:

  • your pet may be repatriated to your home country
  • it may be quarantined
  • it can even be euthanized if it shows signs of health hazards
  • you can be fined or jailed.

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