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It is important to inquire on Italy's labor market before moving these as finding a job will definitely be one of your priorities.

Italy is a popular expat destination across the globe. However, the country has one of the world's highest unemployment rate, although numerous opportunities are available there. In fact, unemployment rate stood at 12.7% in December 2013. But it is important to note that women and more than 64 years people remain an active workforce. Thus, whatever you age, you are likely to be hired in various sectors if you have the required competencies and skills, as well as a good command of the Italian language.

Labor market

The Italian labor market is divided into two sections: the North and the South. The North mainly offers full time jobs while the South mostly consists of undeclared or secondary jobs. Italy's main recruiting sectors are, namely, engineering, technical, catering, teaching, administration, information and communication technology, management, accounting, customer care, call centers, tourism, etc. In fact, these sectors seem to have been spared by the recent job crisis.

Find a job

There are various ways to find a job in Italy. You can start your search well before moving, on the Internet. If you are already on the spot, you can check out classified ads in local newspapers such as Corriere della Sera or La Stampa or even seek the assistance of a hiring agency.

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There is neither a minimum wage in Italy, nor paid holidays. In fact, Italy is the European country with the lowest monthly income, that is some 1,100 to 1,200 euros monthly. But collective agreements allow the setting out of wages. Each employee contributes 10% of his salary to the Italian social security scheme. Moreover, employees are eligible to work at the age of 15.

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Employees are legally entitled to a 40 hours working week in Italy, that is a maximum of 10 hours daily and 48 hours per week. As for night shifts, you will be required to work from 10 pm to 5 am the next day. Employees are also eligible to one or two days off per week.

Regarding yearly leaves, employees are entitled to a minimum of 8 days per year. But this can be extended to 4 weeks. However, the duration of holidays may vary according to your profession and your working contract.

Finally, you can retire at the age of 65, that is after at least 25 working years.

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