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Like expatriation, foreign internships can be a rewarding experience. Italy is an ideal destination for students around the world.

Internships in Italy are known as the ''Tirocinio''. European citizens wishing to do an internship in Italy do not require an internship visa or permit. However, they will have to abide to some rules and conditions.

First of all, you will have to register with your locality's police department and submit a duly filled and signed declaration form if your internship has a maximum three months duration. If your internship has a more than three months duration, you will have to register with the closest municipality to your place of residence.

Benefits of an internship

An internship can be a real asset, whether you are a fresher or newly graduated student. It can be a real professional and human experience. In fact, Italy has a complete internship system which is supported by numerous grants and scholarships.

However, candidates have to show some patience and tackle with related procedures on their own as the European Union does not have specialized internship agencies.

Italian law and agreements regarding internships

Candidates are likely to find internship offers in most provinces, even in absence of related conventions. Moreover, internship conditions may vary according to the different regions.

Note that:

  • associations, private and public institutions are eligible to offer internships
  • internships are regulated according to an agreement signed between the company offering the internship, the candidate and the organization which has sponsored the latter
  • the internship offer must be attached to the agreement
  • both parties (the company and the sponsor) shall select and appoint a guardian who will monitor the candidate throughout his internship period
  • internships are not remunerated as per Italian law. However, the candidate may receive a compensation from the employer, but it is not compulsory
  • high school students are not eligible to a more than four months internship period. However, young professionals are entitled to a six months internship, 12 months for university students, and 18 months for graduates having completed their studies
  • fees apply
  • non students may be entitled to an 18 months internship provided they have an agreement in this regard. Moreover, any training agreement issued by their higher education institute will be dated as at the 31st December of their last year of studies.


There are ten types of scholarships in Italy. If the candidate has already received a national scholarship, he will still be eligible to his right while going abroad.

Apply for a scholarship

Whether or not the candidate has chosen Italy as their prime destination for internship, conditions are the same. Procedures have to be undertaken during enrollment. You can as well seek the assistance of your university's student services office.

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