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Various types of accommodation options are available in Italy. Once you have decided where you wish to settle, you can choose the most appropriate housing.

Italy, like all European countries, has also recently faced the real estate market crisis with rising prices both in terms of rental and real estate. So if you want your expatriation project to be successful, you are advised to hire a real estate agent. The latter may help you in finding the most appropriate accommodation according to your preferences and financial means.

Note that rent prices may be quite high in major Italian cities such as Rome and Milan being the most popular and active regions. But you are likely to find accommodation at affordable prices in other regions.

Types of accommodation

You can choose among different types of accommodation, whether you are moving to Italy to settle or to study. You can, in the first place, consider renting a house or an apartment. A holiday accommodation may also be appropriate if you wish to take the time to determine in which neighborhood you would prefer to settle.

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Students may opt for hostels, university campus, renting a room, or even room sharing. In fact, these are quite common in most Italian cities. These types of accommodation may be more appropriate for students who have less financial means and who are staying in the country for a short period. You can as well opt for home stay or B&Bs (bread and breakfast).

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Finding accommodation

There are various means to find accommodation in Italy: internet, local newspapers, real estate agencies, word of mouth if you have friends in the country. However, real estate agency fees can be quite high, including Valued Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 21%. You can also seek the assistance of tourism offices in some regions.

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Ads may often be misleading. Some of these may mention for instance a flat of some 70 m² but it in fact includes a living area of 50m2 and a balcony and common space which are considered as part of the total surface of the accommodation. You are thus advised to be patient and to visit a few accommodations before choosing the most appropriate one.


If you wish to rent accommodation in Italy, you are required to pay a guarantee which is equal to two to three months' rent while signing the lease documents. This sum will be refunded upon the lease expiry, provided you haven't caused any damage to the premises during your stay.

In general, rent is paid in cash. If you prefer to pay by check, a receipt has to be issued accordingly.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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