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Being one of the most popular European countries, Italy is very conducive to expatriation. However, some preparation beforehand is required.

Italy consists of 18 regions and 2 islands. It is one of the most active European Union countries in terms of expatriation. Its official currency is the euro which replaced the famous Italian Lira in 2002. To date, its population amounts to some 60 million inhabitants. Rome, its capital city, is a mythical city.

Italy is a gastronomic destination. It is also nicknamed "The Boot" for its unique character due to its shape. In general, Europeans like Italians and their lifestyle, as well as their historical, artistic and architectural heritage.

Economic and political situation

The political and economic situation seems to have weakened since the world economic crisis. The actual President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, has taken up the mission to help the country recover from the crisis which has weakened the whole Europe.

Regions and islands

Italians have greatly developed the north, south, center, as well as the two islands which make up the Republic, that is Sardinia and Sicily. Thus, Lombardy, Latium, and Tuscany are equally the country's most active regions. In fact, their reputation is proven at international level.


Italy enjoys a rather sweet and light climate, that is a Mediterranean climate. Coastal regions enjoy quite mild temperatures, in spite of heat wave in summer. Moreover, the north is often a balancing act between summer and winter, which may be surprising. Finally, the Italian Alps experience snow and cold temperatures.

Traveling to Italy

You can reach Italy by land, sea and air, that is by car, train, plane or boat. The country has a very developed road infrastructure, like many European countries. Thus, cities and streets are easily accessible. The railway network, for its part, stretches over some 15,000 kilometers. Sicily, Sardinia and other islands have a commute ferry system.

The country also has a wide air network with airports in major cities. These are served by frequent daily flights.

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3 years ago

there's a big mistake and false written on this article stand out my eyes.The president of italian republic giorgio napolitano as the actual governement president(even the ones from the past) does not help the country recover from the crisis,but,help italy and take it italians in deep crisis and grinding poverty for the next years.


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