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Hanover, located in Lower Saxony, offers various professional opportunities to foreigners thanks to the large number of firms operating there.

Capital of the Lower Saxony region in northern Germany, Hanover (or Hannover) is a mid-sized city that is popular among expats. After Hamburg and Bremen it is deemed to be the region's third largest city and is also part of the Hannover-Brunswick-Göttingen-Wolfburg metropolitan region. Lower Saxony's population amounts to almost 7.8 million inhabitants nowadays, with around 8% of that being foreigners.

Hanover continues to attract expatriates from around the globe mainly due to the numerous opportunities it provides in different fields, making finding a job relatively straightforward.

Hanover's economy

Lower Saxony's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to some 258.5 billion euros in 2015, contributing 8.5% to the country's overall GDP. Moreover, the growth rate has been consistent since January 2013. Hanover, hosts several higher education institutes in addition to the head offices of many large German companies, such as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Continental, TUI, DHL, Deutsche Bahn, Pelikan and Sennheiser, among others.

Hanover's economy is mainly based on the automotive manufacturing, energy solutions, optical technology, information and communication technology, creative industries, production and engineering fields. These fields have significant collaboration with several countries including Russia, Turkey and India.

Hanover is also home to many insurance companies, many of which operate in Germany only. For example, Hannover Re is a major global reinsurance company.

The labour market in Hanover

The unemployment rate in the Lower Saxony - Bremen area stood at 6.2% in late 2016, which is around 281,500 people. While this level has increased by 0.1% compared to 2015, Hanover remains the region's main job provider due to the presence of many major firms. In fact, jobs are available in various fields such as the manufacturing and automotive industries, information and communication technology, health care, financial services, etc.. Tourism has also experienced significant growth over the past years to become one of the region's main recruiters.

Furthermore, the more sought after jobs are those in electronics and electronic engineering, administration, IT, healthcare and architecture, to name a few.

Find a job in Hanover

You can start your job search on the internet through general and specialised jobs websites, as well as in classified ads in local newspapers. Consider sending spontaneous applications to major German and international firms operating in the region. If you are already in Hanover, you can also register with a local recruitment agency.

 Good to know:

Sending your CV and cover letter in German will increase your chances of being hired.

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