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Stuttgart, the Baden-Württemberg region's capital city in Southern Germany. It is one of the country's largest cities with more than 610,000 residents within a metropolitan area of over 5 million inhabitants. Professional opportunities in the Stuttgart area have been attracting large numbers of Germans - as well as foreigners worldwide - for quite a few years now. Finding a job should not be very complicated as the city offers various job prospects to qualified young professionals. But first of all, you are advised to inquire on the local job market's requirements.

Stuttgart's economy

Local authorities describe Stuttgart's economy as a futuristic business district. In fact, the region greatly encourages foreign investment, as well as the creation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Being fairly close to Lake Constance and the Alps it is also a tourist destination, receiving large numbers of visitors who pass by to enjoy its rich historical and cultural patrimony as well as the surrounding valleys and nature parks.

Stuttgart's economy is primarily based on automotive manufacturing. In fact, many big automotive and related manufacturers, such as Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) and Porsche, have set up their head offices there. Science, research, high technology, information and communication technology, and financial services also contribute significantly to the city's economy. Moreover, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is deemed to be the country's second most important stock exchange after that of Frankfurt. You are also likely to find around a hundred financial and credit services firms there.
Note that Baden-Württemberg's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to some 460 billion euros in 2015, contributing to 15% to the country's overall.

 Good to know:

Among the major companies operating in Stuttgart, you will find Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Zeiss, Yves Rocher, Stihl, Bonduelle, Valeo and much more.
Stuttgart is also known for its wines as well as for the production of beer.

The Stuttgart labour market

In late 2016, there were 216,000 job seekers in the Baden-Württemberg region. Hence, the unemployment rate stood at 3.6% compared to 5.8% on a national level. As regards Stuttgart, the unemployment rate stood at 3.7%. Most of the active labour population was hired in the industrial, trade and services, health care and transport fields.

Foreigners in Stuttgart are more likely to be hired in the mechanical engineering, information and communication technology, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering, environmental technology, biotechnology and multimedia fields. Job vacancies are also available in the fields of medical, research and financial services.

Find a job in Stuttgart

The internet will definitely be your tool during your job search in Stuttgart. You can also view job offers in classified ads in local newspapers. If you're already in Stuttgart, register with the local Employment office and consider recruitment agencies. Also, think about sending spontaneous applications to big firms operating in the region if you think you have the right profile. The area near lake Constance is a popular tourist region with seasonal job opportunities.

 Good to know:

Stuttgart is part of Swabia – a historic, cultural and linguistic region. The Swabians are sometimes referred to as the “German Scots” as they are known to be rather stingy. One of their leading mottos is “Schaffe, schaffe Häusle baue” meaning “work, work, build a house” (to make more money).

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