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This little article is designed to give some general tips to people arriving from "foreign climes" to France.
Although I've concentrated on France, the same, or similar, tips apply to Germany.

(first-learn a few important words...!)

A few tips for people coming from "other climes" to France or Germany. (On the basis of some 45 years experience in those countries)

When I and my wife first attempted to come to the "Continent", things were considerably more difficult. Europe and the EU were just beginning to understand what was needed, but even then, Brits being Brits, they had decided NOT to become members, since they couldn't run the thing, they didn't want to know! This fact made our first attempts similar to those made nowadays by Americans, Australians and other "non-EU Countries" Citizens, and it can be EXCEEDINGLY long, tedious and infuriating!

1. Nowadays, I would recommend making contact with European Institutions either at Brussels or Luxembourg, or even in your home country (the EU has many Institution world wide) - BEFORE making further arrangements.

It's logical to find out what will be required from you before you start making any attempts!

2. For people wishing to come from "Member" Countries, it is now much more simple.

Under the "guise" of a holiday, you can simply "go see" what is available in Jobs, accomodation and the other important aspects. Take a few important papers, describing yourself, your qualifications and so on, certificates are a good choice, but only if they are in the local language, or are certificates known and recognized by the local host country.

You never know - maybe you'll find that "brain surgeons" post you've been looking for, if your qualifications come from some well known Hospital, College, University and so on.....

Should there be interest, I'll  present you with "PART 2" containing the main tips, advice, and later - a few "little known" ones.

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