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Nice is located in the Southeast of France and has long enjoyed a stellar reputation as a destination for holidaymakers during the summer. With a population of around 350,000, Nice is in close proximity to the Italian border and constitute a great starting point for sun-soaked drives along the coast.

Rental market

Nice is close to the beach as well as mountains, and Nice is also the French Riviera's economic capital city. All this contributes to a buzzing market, both for short term lets and longer term accommodation. During the summer, visitors flock to the city, so be sure to incorporate these peak periods into your planning. Nice is a vibrant city and is incredibly welcoming.

Because of the many attractions and glamour of the city, the real estate market is particularly competitive. Nice is especially popular with foreign real estate investors who are ready to splash out to acquire prime property in the city. In fact, rent prices are quite high in Nice. You might pay around 17 euros per square metre for rental properties and a hefty 4,055 euros per square metre if you want to acquire property in the area. The most expensive real estate is concentrated in the area around the port and the Fabron neighbourhood. Depending on what you are after, you need to plan on average 1,120 euros per month for a 70m² housing unit, excluding charges and compulsory bills such as electricity, water and gas, etc.

Nice's neighbourhoods

Nice is an eclectic city, and its different neighbourhoods have a distinct feel, and many have been the backdrop of movies which have captured the imagination of many generations. The areas most convenient to you will depend on your budget and whether you are moving with a family. Cimiez and Fabron are great for expatriates moving with families, although prices are generally higher in Fabron than they are in Cimiez for equally sized properties. Nevertheless, both neighbourhoods are pleasant for families, and are home to a good selection of schools. The areas are both leafy, and Fabron, which is in close proximity to the Parc de l’Indochine is an excellent point from which to enjoy the stunning coastline.

The Libération area is also worth checking out. For young couples or singles, Vieux Nice is probably a better bet. Vieux Nice is home to a wide array of markets, cafés and restaurants and buzzes with life. The area comes to life in the evenings, and is an ideal spot for those wishing to make the most of the dynamism and youth of the city. However, be aware that Vieux Nice is busy most of the times.

Those willing to live within the Nice frequently seen in the movies should head towards the east of the city. The Mont Boron area is particularly trendy, with luxurious villas and a cosmopolitan population. Carré d’Or, on the other hand, provides bourgeois residential buildings, as well as high standing residences.

If you are on a budget and are looking for more affordable housing, focus your research on Louisa Park and Boulevard Carnot, which are quite popular with expats, yet provide more accessible prices. Finally, if you prefer to live in a calmer area, far from the towns' hustle and bustle, Western Collines will provide a more serene refuge. It is a very dynamic area with several residential neighbourhoods.

Rent prices

In general, you can rent a 15m² room in Nice for an average of 450 euros per month. For a 25m² studio, count an average of 560 euros per month. For a 30m² single-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of 600 euros per month. Note, moreover, that the average rent price for apartments in Nice is quite higher than the national average, that is some 880 euros per month for a 53m² apartment against 690 euros per month elsewhere. With regards to houses, bear in mind that offers are quite scarce. You are more likely to find these in the outskirts, but at higher prices, that is an average of 1,500 euros per month.

Finding accommodation

It is probably best to start with a quick search online in order to get an idea of the average prices for the different areas of Nice. Once you have identified a suitable neighbourhood, it is probably best to then call local real estate agents, who will have a better feel of the market as well as a better grip on the quality of different properties. Websites and local newspapers (such as Nice Matin) can also provide good pointers for your search.

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