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If you are wondering how to find a job in the United Kingdom, here is some useful information to guide you during your job search...

There are many ways to seek for a job in the UK: speculative applications, Internet, recruiting agencies, temporary work agencies, networking, job ads in the press, there are many possibilities. As far as your CV is concerned, bear in mind that you have to adapt it to the local standards: put forward your professional experience, find equivalents to your degrees or diplomas etc. Write your cover letter along local standards, be clear and concise, put forward your ambition and your motivation in line with the job your are applying to. Don't hesitate to send speculative applications to the companies you are interested in or contact them directly over the phone.  


You can check out job vacancies in classified ads in local newspapers. Some of these are available online. 

  Useful links:

The Guardian
The Independent
The Telegraph


Job vacancies are also available on multiple general and specialized job websites. You can even register your resume so that employers can contact you more easily. 

  Useful links:

Job Center Plus
Adecco UK
Manpower UK
Job serve UK

Job fairs

You can also register to career fairs that are frequently organized in the country. Career fairs are the best ways to directly meet recruiters from various economic sectors. Bring your CVs with you and meet the companies you are interested in.

Finally, don't hesitate to visit your local job centre. Apart from providing job listings, they will support you in your job hunt and help you with the administrative procedures (if you are eligible and according to your status in the UK).

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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You should also use the popular job sites like Reed, Indeed, and Total Jobs to find job availabilities in the UK!

3 years ago

If London is the place you want to work, I suggest this website: Very easy to use and a job alert tool to receive positions directly in your mail box.


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