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With a population of 175,000, Odense is Denmark’s third biggest city and birthplace of legendary author Hans Christian Andersen. The city is located on the island of Funen (Fyn), which lies between Jutland and the island of Zealand. Though calmer than other major cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus, Odense is still an important industrial area at the country's crossroads.

Odense's Economy

Thanks to its strategic position, Odense is a major industrial and commercial hub. With strong trends in service, manufacturing, offshore, and food export, among others, it is no wonder the city attracts representatives from all over the country. Denmark’s second largest shopping center, pedestrian shopping streets, and solid tourism add to Odense’s dynamic economy. It is also home to Odense University, University of Southern Denmark, several other institutes of higher education, and the television channel TV 2.

Career Prospects

Given the city's economic diversity, professional opportunities are available in several sectors. Check some of the job websites to see which types of jobs are currently trending.

The services sector, which often requires foreign expertise, could be a good place to start if you have the required skills. Keep in mind that these types of jobs almost always require a good command of English, as well as a Scandinavian language.

Find a Job

To find a job in Odense, start by checking the online platforms. Although some job websites and job listings are in Danish, there are some websites with English listings. Work in Denmark, Jobfinder, and Jobs in Odense are a great place to start. See the links below in our useful links section.

You should also check out the International Community Odense. This local organization will follow you from your job search to your new workplace and help with everything in between.

Read the main article on working in Denmark for more tips on finding a job.

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