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Located on Funen in South Denmark, Odense is the third biggest Danish city (ca. 175,000 inhabitants). The city is a major industrial and commercial hub. Good shopping, robust tourism, several universities, and a television channel add to Odense’s dynamic economy. A 2016 article in The Guardian talks about Odense as one of Europe’s most liveable cities, in part due to its bike-friendly initiatives.

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Neighbourhoods in Odense

Despite its population density, Odense has a more relaxed pace of life than cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus. Whether you prefer natural surroundings, quiet residential streets, or trendy areas with shops and cafes, Odense has something for you. Hunderup, Åløkke, and Dalum are just a few of the neighbourhoods in Odense.

Rent prices

Even as a university town, Odense’s rent prices are very reasonable compared to other major Danish cities. You will thus need an average of DKK 4,000 per month for a studio and around DKK 8,000 per month for an apartment. Prices vary from one neighbourhood to another and according to the furnishings provided. Utilities are not usually included in the monthly rent, and a deposit will be required as well.

Find accommodation in Odense

With Odense’s growing population and a large number of university students, competition for housing can be high, especially during times when students are about to start at the universities (September and February). Seek the help of a real estate agent and start your search early to avoid being disappointed.

You can also ask for assistance from your company, as many companies will provide temporary housing until their foreign employees can find something more permanent.

Otherwise, looking online is the place to start. Numerous websites, forums, and Facebook groups dedicated to the topic can help you find your ideal accommodations. Word of mouth and personal networking are huge in Denmark, so if you are already in or know someone in the country, take advantage of it.

 Useful links:

Odense Kommune: Odense Official Portal
Bolig Portal

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