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Copenhagen needs no introduction. Famous for the quality of life it provides to its inhabitants, the city attracts expats from all over the world. With around two million residents in the greater municipal area, Copenhagen is renowned for its cycling lanes, footpaths, and developed public transport, as well as its multitudes of cultural and architectural attractions.

Shops typically close around 6pm on weekdays and around 4pm during weekends. Though the cost of living in Copenhagen is high, wages are comparably high as are the quality of life and social security.

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Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is divided into 10 official administrative neighborhoods. Indre By, Nørrebro, Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave, Valby, and Østerbro are some of them.

Nørrebro is colorful, multicultural, and buzzing with eclectic charm. Other districts are described as being posh, family-friendly, working-class, trendy, or ultra hip.

Frederiksberg is an independent municipality, which, uniquely, is completely surrounded by the Copenhagen districts. It is known for its green areas and fashionable atmosphere.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Copenhagen are without a doubt higher than in the rest of Denmark. For instance, you will need DKK 6,000 to DKK 9,000 per month for a studio, depending on the neighborhood. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need DKK 12,000 to DKK 17,000 per month. Though shared bathrooms are becoming less common, tiny bathrooms with shower heads over the toilet are not uncommon.

Furnished housing units are usually more expensive that unfurnished ones; utilities are not usually included in the monthly rent, and a deposit will be required as well.

Find accommodation in Copenhagen

It can be difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen. Many expat employment contracts start in January, and students start school in September and February; so start your housing search off the peak season, or be prepared to be patient. Seek the assistance of a real estate agent for better chances of finding accommodations fitting your criteria.

Word of mouth may also help if you have friends or contacts in Copenhagen. If not, looking online is the place to start. Numerous websites, forums, and Facebook groups dedicated to the topic can help you find your ideal accommodations. Local newspapers also have listings.

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