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Our participative guide will help you find out more on the work market and the legal framework in Czech Republic.

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Want to become a digital nomad in the Czech Republic? The digital nomad's guide to the Czech Republic will help you make the most of your nomadic life abro

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Internships in the Czech Republic were not quite common until recently. In all cases, it should not be difficult for foreign nationals to find internship.

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Prague, the Czech capital city, attracts many expatriates worldwide for its dynamism as well as the numerous professional opportunities it provides.

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As a modern and developed country, the Czech Republic provides various professional opportunities both to European and non European nationals.

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Prague has always been a very popular destination for expats, and contrary to what might be expected, career opportunities for expats in the Czech Republic are improving.

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As a teacher trainer at The Language House TEFL in Prague, I've personally trained and job coached close to 1000 new teachers. Here are my detailed tips on how to get your first job In Prague, the Czech Republic or anywhere else in Europe.

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