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If you are moving to the Czech Republic, you will definitely not get bored during your free time. Find all you need to know about leisure in this article.

Once you have settled in the Czech Republic, you will probably want to explore the country to discover the various aspects of its heritage. Like most European countries, it has a great historical and cultural wealth, along with nature and other points of interest. You should definitely enjoy your leisure time sightseeing so as to get to know more about your new host country. Welcome to the Czech Republic!


Ticketpro is a leading directory where you will find information on all cultural events in the Czech Republic: modern and contemporary music concerts, shows, theater, etc. It also offers online booking facilities.

Moreover, the country hosts one of the larges numbers of operas and theaters in the European Union, most of which are found in Prague, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Ústí nad Labem, Olomouc and Opava. Not less than 10 opera houses have a permanent troupe. Besides these, the country regularly hosts opera festivals.

If you like watching movies, you can choose from several big cinema halls across the country.


As mentioned above, the country has a rich natural landscape which you should definitely take the time to explore during your free time. If you have moved there with your family, your children will particularly enjoy picking mushrooms which is, above all, a traditional school outing. At least once a year, the Czech will organize a mushroom picking outing. Remember that mushrooms are widely used in the local cuisine. The picking season generally starts in May and lasts until September.

In Šumava, Vysočina, Český ráj and Valachie, on the other hand, you will find organic farms where visitors are allowed to feed animals, work in the garden, taste fresh cow, goat or sheep milk, and even fish carps for dinner.

Regardless of your age, you will also enjoy zoological gardens, aquariums, water parks and other theme parks. You are likely to find these parks almost everywhere, each of them providing you with a unique experience.

At the Dvur Kralove Zoo, you will be amazed by a breathtaking safari. The Zlín Zoo will take you on a journey across five continents. In Protivín, expect an unusual meeting with crocodiles.

Parks and gardens

Prague, the Moravia and the Bohemia are full of parks and natural gardens where you can spend an afternoon or weekend relaxing, have a picnic or enjoy a book.

World famous, the Prague Castle host not less than six gardens which you should definitely explore during your stay. The Dobříš garden, with its French setting, stretched on five terraces and recalls the fantasy of French castles and gardens. The Veltrusy park, for its part, hosts several buildings and other romantic pavilions, as well as a natural park with perennials and other orchards.

Moravia parks will offer you a rich convivial and cultural moment with your family or friends. The Lednice-Valtice complex, for instance, has been listed as a world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO for its unique values as well as its gardens, parks and magnificent architecture.

Bohemia, for its part, is a reflection of the country's great cultural diversity with its beautiful parks, influenced by British and Italian tendencies.


Like many other European countries, the Czech Republic also has a vibrant nightlife thanks to several restaurants, bars and nightclubs, among others. You can thus feel free to go out anytime, whether to have a drink or grab a bite.

On the other hand, dance schools regularly host public shows dedicated to specific styles, whether classical, Latin dance, salsa, among others.


Biking is a very popular sports activity in the Czech Republic. You are likely to find cycling tracks in most cities. You can enjoy these both for sports and sightseeing.

Cycling tracks are clearly defined by road signs and markings. Road signs are displayed in yellow, showing a bicycle symbol along with the track number. Both distances and directions are indicated. Note that some cycling tracks are also open to roller skaters.

Other sports such as football, tennis, golf, ice sports, among others, are also very popular in the country. If you like athletics, feel free to register to Run Czech (listed in the useful links below) for more information on marathons that are held all year round.

If you like winter sports, you will be delighted by the Northern Jizerské Mountains. Three famous ski resorts, namely Bedřichov, Severák and Tanvaldský Špičák, will provide you with breathtaking activities.


Wellness is almost and essential part of the Czech lifestyle. You are likely to find several wellness areas across the country, especially in hotels and spas. You can also enjoy hydrotherapy institutions.

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