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As a modern city, Prague hosts a comprehensive transports networks which will allow you travel anywhere safely and in total comfort.

Prague, the Czech capital city, hosts a wide transports network. We are providing you with an overview in this article.

On moving to Prague, especially if you are going to work, you will probably wonder how to move around the city. Like most European capital cities, Prague also has a developed transports network, including buses, tramway, cable car, subway, etc., which can take you anywhere. Take the time to inquire about each of these before choosing the one which best suits your needs.

Integrated transports network

Prague hosts an integrated transport network, known as Praská Integrovaná doprava (PID). It includes several means of transports, namely the subway, cable car, tramway and buses. Note that PID manages the whole country's railway network. While the railway system remains the most common means of transport in Prague, buses particularly serve as a correspondence among bus, subway, train and tramway stations.

In general, fees are determined by the PID according to different zones and the travel duration. Thus, there are four tariff zones in total.

 Good to know:

In case you are carrying extra luggage, you will have to buy an additional ticket which costs around CZK 16. Tickets are available at tobacco shops and at automatic vending machines at subway stations.

Subway, cable car and tramway

Subway is available every day as from 5 am until midnight. On Friday and Saturday, it is available until 1 am the next day. Prague hosts three subway lines, namely A, B and C.

Petřín's cable car network has a single line which goes up the hill. It is available every day as from 9 am until 11.30 pm, every 10 minutes in summer and every 15 minutes in winter.

The city is crossed from North to South and from East to West by not less than 26 tramway lines. Tramway is available as from 4.30 am until midnight. Night trams are also available every 30 minutes on lines 51 to 59. Note that tickets have to be purchased in advance.


Urban and commuter bus lines are numbered 300 to 400. These are available as from 4.30 am until midnight, just like the tramway. Night buses are also available every 30 minutes.

Note that you can obtain a PID network map in hotels, at the tourism office and in some shops.


As elsewhere in the Czech Republic, you can find several taxi companies in Prague. However, you will also find some illegal taxis. Make sure to check whether the taxi you have hired is equipped with a meter before getting on board.

You will also find “Fair taxis” in the capital city. These can be distinguished by an orange sign on the roof. However, “Fair taxis” are allowed to circulate in certain zones only.

 Good to know:

In general, taxi fares are displayed on the window or on the vehicle itself. In all cases, rates may rise during the year.

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