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Moving to the Czech Republic? Find all you need to know about its transport network in this article.

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic has a comprehensive transport network including buses, trains, tramway, among others. Wherever you have settled, traveling could not be made easier. For short distance, you can also hire a taxi while long distances are covered by trains and domestic flights. In all cases, choose the one which best suits your needs.


The Czech Republic has one of the most developed railway networks in whole Europe. Indeed, the network crosses national borders at not less than 30 different spots and serves most neighborhoods. Where train is not available, bus lines take the relay. Note that several train lines are not direct lines and therefore require switching from the train to other means of transport.

Crossing forests, trains are ideal for sightseeing. Moreover, train stations are charming historical buildings thanks to paintings dating back to the communist era.

České Drahy, which manages the Czech railway system, provides information on train lines, schedules and rates on its website. In general, rates vary according to the number of passengers traveling, such as groups and couples, for instance.

Regular travelers, for their part, can purchase and InterRail pass which is more affordable.

Bus and tramway

Although trains serve the whole country, it might be wiser to opt for the bus in some areas like Southeast Moravia, for example. Moreover, most urban areas are served by bus networks. Long trips, for their part, are served by direct bus lines. However, buses are less comfortable than trains. Some city-centers also host a tramway network.

Both buses and trams are continuously available as from 5 am until midnight. Each city has its own bus and tramway network. Find more information on bus and tram lines, including schedules, on the IDOS website listed in the useful links below.

Bus trips generally cost around CZK 30, depending on the region. Tickets can be purchased as soon as you get on board by inserting your coins in the intended yellow device.

Tram tickets, on the other hand, are available at kiosks or at automatic vending machines at tram stations.


Taxi services are provided by several companies. You can have their contact numbers at hotels and bus, tram and train stations. Some of them also provide SMS booking services.

In general, fares vary according to the travel duration. You will thus pay around CZK 28 per minute. The taxi driver may issue a receipt if need be.


Czech Airlines provides not only international flights but also regular domestic flights between Prague and Brno, in Southern Moravia.

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