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Wondering how to find accommodation in Prague? Find all that you need to know about Prague's rental market in this article.

As a historically rich city, having witnessed the Czech evolution, Prague has been attracting many tourists and expatriates over the years. Indeed, Prague is a lively and developed city that provides not only various opportunities to foreign nationals but also a range of accommodation options. Moreover, if you intend to settle there, you will enjoy a dense and well-planned transport network.

The capital city also hosts several schools and can thus be the ideal place if you are moving with children.


Prague is divided into 22 administrative districts, 57 municipalities and 112 cadastral territories. However, these are only referred to for administrative purposes. The capital city thus consists of several neighborhoods.

Malá Strana, Hradčany, the Old Town (Staré Město), the New Town (Nové Město) and Vyšehrad are the most popular neighborhoods in the city-center.

Malá Strana is a baroque area that attracts many visitors for its style and historical heritage.

Hradčany, for its part, hosts the Prague Castle, overlooking the lower town and consists of many parks, gardens, houses and other buildings within an enchanting setting.

The Old City, has a great cultural wealth while the New Town is a reflection of development and modernity thanks to the presence of many buildings.

Vyšehrad is also known as the upper castle area as the Prague Castle used to be there.

In the outskirts, Troja, ikov, Vinohrady and Smichov are the most popular residential neighborhoods. Smichov, for instance, has recently been refurbished, transforming into an urban neighborhood from a rural one.

Finally, around the White Mountain, you will find the international airport, the Břevnov Monastery and the Hvězda Park, as well as other residential areas with modern villas.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Prague are quite high compared to other major Czech cities. Note that Prague is also known to be a student city where sublet and flat sharing are quite widespread.

In all cases, rent prices are likely to vary from one neighborhood to another. In the city-center, you will need an average of CZK 14,000 for a studio and around CZK 24,500 for a three-bedroom apartment.

In the outskirts, count and average of CZK 9,700 for a studio and around CZK 16,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. Of course, rent prices can vary according to different parameters such as furnishing, comfort level, charges, etc.

Find accommodation

Students are likely to find housing more easily thanks to their university or via word of mouth among their friends. Word of mouth can also help if you are working in Prague. Feel free to spread the word among your colleagues or contacts on the spot. Consider browsing housing offers on the Internet and in local newspapers as well.

In the case of a first rental, as you are new to the city, you should be assisted by a local or someone who understands Czech. Why not seek the help of a real estate agency so as to find accommodation as per your criteria more rapidly?

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