Updated 7 years ago

There are some excellent beaches in Croatia and both on the mainland and the 1185 islands that populate the Adriatic. But how clean are they? What facilities do they have? And most importantly, how warm is that water?

There is an excellent resource available from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (http://www.izor.hr/bathing/bathing.html) which gives some excellent information from May onwards about many beaches up and down the coast - total coverage. Powered by Google Earth, the page has a clickable link for each beach, giving information about water and air temperature, salinity, photos, cleanliness and details of facilities available at the beach. Some beaches have more information than others, but we think this is a useful resource for people who want to check out the beaches as they plan their holiday.

It seems that each beach is visited approximately every fortnight, so you can get a useful overview of air and water temperatures from May onwards in 2010, which should help you plan for your beach holiday in 2011.

The links take a few seconds to download, so be patient. They are coded according to cleanliness - 99% of them are graded 'excellent' which arouses some suspicion, but this is Croatia and you can't argue with the cleanliness of the water in general. As it is powered by Google Earth, you can zoom in and check how far the beach is from civilisation, so you can find the beach for you, depending on how remote you want to be.

For more info on beaches and life in Croatia in general, please visit total-croatia.com

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