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Varna, which is one of Bulgaria's major cities, provides many employment prospects for qualified and skilled foreigners in various fields.

Looking for a job in Varna? Find out what are the most promising sectors for foreigners in this article.

Varna, one of the major Bulgarian cities, is found in the North-east of the country, bordered by the Black Sea. Thanks to its very low unemployment rate, the lowest in the region, as well as its multicultural aspect, it has been attracting thousands of expatriates over the years. In fact, Varna provides many career prospects for qualified and skilled professionals in various fields.

It is also very open to foreign investors wishing to set up a business there due to its developed and stable economy. But before starting your job search there, it is best to be aware of its labor market's conditions and requirements.


Varna's economy is mainly based on tourism, industry, transports and construction. In fact, you are likely to find many travel agencies, tour operators, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc., across the city. Varna also hosts many multinational companies, as well as business schools, language teaching schools and many higher education institutions.

Port and marine activities, including ship repair also contribute to Varna's economy on a large scale, followed by information and communication technology, and trade. The city also hosts the Varna-Devnya Industrial Complex, which is one of the country's biggest business hubs.

Labor market

Varna is deemed to be a very dynamic tourist city due to the presence of many hotels and restaurants. These sectors are driven by special working hours which are different from traditional office hours. The same applies to multinational companies which work with foreign clients in different time zones. Hence, you should be prepared to face this. Make sure that these details are communicated to you during negotiations with your employer.

If you have the skills that are required by the local labor market, you are likely to be hired in the following fields: hospitality, tourism, business communication, language teaching, trade, marketing, computer engineering, technical engineering, customer relations, industry, etc. Note, moreover, that the knowledge of one or more foreign languages will be a great advantage.


Varna is with no doubt a very popular destination with expatriates. But the company wishing to hire you must justify the fact that your qualifications and skills are not available locally.

Find a job

It is not so difficult to find a job in Varna. You can start by sending spontaneous job applications to big companies operating across the city. A list of these companies is available at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Varna. Alternatively, you can view job offers on the Internet thanks to numerous general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks.

Moreover, networking and word-of-mouth can be quite useful search tools if you have friends and contacts in the region. Finally, you can register with a local recruitment agency which will help you find a job according to your profile more rapidly.

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