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Being Bulgaria's second biggest city, Plovdiv also provides many career prospects. Find out more about these in this article.

Plovdiv is Bulgaria's second biggest city, hence the second most important one. Like Sofia and Varna, Plovdiv also attracts expatriates in large numbers thanks to its diversified economy and the numerous professional opportunities it provides. So if you intend to move there, finding a job should not be a difficult task. However, you must have the skills and qualifications that are not available locally as your employer will have to justify your recruitment before relative authorities.

One of the first things you should do is to inquire on the labor market's conditions and requirements so as to make sure that you stand above the lot.


Plovdiv's economy is mainly based on the trade, finance, industry and consumption sectors. Industry, on its own, consists on food, beverages and tobacco production, as well as metallurgy, machinery and chemical manufacture. Moreover, some industrial areas focus on the manufacture of electronic equipment and bicycles. The tertiary sector also makes an important contribution to the local economy.

Note that Plovdiv is also very open towards foreign investment. In fact, many foreign companies have been set up across the city over the years and there is more to come.

 Good to know:

Unemployment rate in Plovdiv is lower than the national average unemployment rate, thus attracting more foreign professionals.

Labor market

The manufacturing industry and international companies operating across the city are the major job providers in Plovdiv. Note that knowledge of one or more foreign languages, particularly the language spoken in a particular company, is a serious advantage.

You are also likely to be hired in the following fields if you have the required skills: electronics, information and communication technology, tourism, international trade, engineering, services, education, language teaching and real estate. Particular skills may also be required.

Find a job

It is recommended that you start your job search by targeting a few foreign companies to which you can send spontaneous job applications. In fact, most of these prefer to hire foreign professionals who also master a few foreign languages.

You can also view job offers on the Internet thanks to numerous general and specialized job websites and professional social networks. Finally, word-of-mouth can also help if you have friends and contacts in Plovdiv.

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