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How to obtain a phone number and an internet connection in Belgium? Related proceedings are explained in this article.

Nowadays, having a telephone and Internet is a priority, whether in your home country or if you are moving abroad. So if you are moving to Belgium, you will definitely want to stay in touch with your friends and relatives abroad. Internet will also allow you to carry out your researches along with your usual surfing. Hence, you will have to obtain a phone and an internet connection.

Belgium has a developed communications network, including numerous service providers and a wide range of packages, specially adapted to one's needs. But first of all, you have to inquire on all possibilities so as to determine which one would best suit your needs and your budget.

Land line

To obtain a land line in Belgium, you have to contact Belgacom, which is the national telephone company. You can check out details on its website or by calling the 0800 33 800 (toll free). Applying for a land line involves signing a contract. To do so, you must be at least 18 years old as you will have to produce a valid identification document such as your identity card, as well as proof of address.

Connection fees apply and may amount to some 50 euros. You will also have to purchase the phone in a phone shop or directly from Belgacom. Moreover, you might have to wait for at least 10 days for the installation to be completed. In general, you will be notified by a phone call or a text message.

As regards the phone bill, you will receive it each two months and you are required to settle it within 15 days following receipt. You may also opt for direct debit so as to avoid any delay in payment.

 Good to know:

Once you have obtained your land line, you may use it till your contract expires. Then, you can either choose to renew it or to subscribe with another phone service provider.

 Useful links:

Belgacom www.belgacom.be
Voo www.voo.be
Mobistar www.mobistar.be
Billi www.billi.be
Scarlet www.scarlet.be
Telenet telenet.be
Destiny www.destiny.be

Mobile phones

As regards mobile phones, you are free to choose between a monthly subscription or a prepaid mobile phone. Both allow you to make international phone calls. However, rates may be higher.

To subscribe to a mobile phone line, you can simply visit one of your favorite mobile service provider's branch with the following documents:

  • your identity card or passport
  • your RIB or any other bank document
  • proof of address.

Otherwise, you can purchase a mobile phone and a prepaid sim card in any phone or electronic shop. Note, however, that prepaid rates are higher than those applied to mobile lines. You can recharge your account by buying scratch cards, or simply by a refill at ATMs.


If you have already subscribed to Belgacom for a land line, you can surf the company's website to inquire on different internet package offers and know if ADSL is available in your region. Otherwise, you can check out offers with various internet service providers. Note that a land line is compulsory to obtain an internet connection in Belgium. Moreover, modem, decoder and Wi-Fi installation fees may apply with some service providers.

In general, internet bundles consist of a land line, high speed internet, TV channels, videos on demand, etc. Some internet service providers offer attractive packages at competitive rates. You can as well opt for cable connection which offers cable TV and VOD.

Hence, to obtain an internet connection, you have to visit the internet service provider's store along with your identification documents such as your identity card or passport, your bank documents, as well as proof of address.

 Useful links:

Numericable www.numericable.be
EDPnet www.edpnet.be
TV Vlaanderen www.tv-vlaanderen.be
Proximus www.belgacom.be
skyDSL www.skydsl.eu

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