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Being one of Belgium's major cities, Namur is very conducive to professional expatriation. The city hosts many big, small and medium enterprises.

Are you looking for professional opportunities in Belgium? Namur offers not only career opportunities but also investment incentives. Find out more in this article.

Namur, Wallonia's capital city, surrounded by Brussels, Charleroi and Liège, is one of Belgium's most important cities. The city is currently undergoing a revival in terms of employment. In fact, Namur offers various opportunities, not only to job seekers but also to foreign businessmen wishing to invest in the region.

Thus, you will definitely find something to suit your needs if you intend to move there.


Namur's economy is based on several sectors, namely agriculture, wood production, mining and mineral production, food, textile industry, information and communication technology, web and mobile development, energy, environment, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, aeronautics, automotive, etc. Other sectors such as wholesale and retail, rubber, glass and plastic manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, transports and logistics, culture, finance, services, education and training, as well as health care also contribute to its economic growth. In fact, investment opportunities are available in most of these fields.

Note that the tertiary sector contributes some 75% to the city's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fact, the tertiary sector is Namur's greatest job creator, followed by the secondary sector and many other specialized fields. This is why it has been attracting more and more foreign investment for a few years.

 Good to know:

According to the Forem official statistics, Namur's employment rate stood at 60.1% in 2014 while that of Wallonia stood at 56.9%.

Find a job

Usual channels such as general and specialized job websites, classified ads in local newspapers will be essential tools during your job search. In fact, you can start right from your home country as some local newspapers are available online. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts in the region. As regards students and alumni, the University of Namur has a special section dedicated to jobs and internships.

Moreover, you can seek the assistance of numerous recruitment agencies, namely in Andenne, Basse-Sambre, Beauraing, Gedinne, Gembloux, Philippeville, Rochefort-Houyet, etc, as well as from the Regional Employment Directorate, that is the FOREM.

Investing in Namur

Namur's economic climate is very conducive to foreign investment. In fact, many foreigners seeking opportunities in the region have managed to set up a business there with the help and support of various organizations and agencies:

  • The retailers' association, for instance, represents Namur's traders and is responsible for promoting local and coordinating local trade in the region.
  • Professional credit banks offer financial help to entrepreneurs.
  • Namur's Belgian Service Club is a non-profit association which brings together leaders, technicians, executives, and retired CEOs in order to help freelancers, SMEs and other foreign investors.
  • The Namur Province's Economic Bureau is a partner for economic development in the province. It is aimed at promoting creativity while respecting sustainable development. This organization particularly specializes in supporting businesses, especially SMEs, household waste management, consulting firms, tourism engineering, European programs and exhibition center, etc.
  • Namur's Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an independent association providing services to entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, and the size of their company. Its mission is to contribute to sustainable economic development of businesses by offering value added services together with laying emphasis on networking.
  • ADISIF – Enterprise is a recovery center for research and development.
  • The Entrepreneur's Registration Commission depends on the Federal Public Finance Service. Entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Namur should apply there officially before proceeding.
  • The Europe Info Center supports developing small and medium-sized companies at the European level by providing information, assistance and advice.
  • Namur Invest is a mixed interest company which gives implementation and financial facilities to new SMEs in Namur. It offers solutions, equity stakes, different types of loans, etc.

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