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Finding a job will be your utmost priority if you intend to settle in Liège. In the article, find out how to proceed.

Like many Belgian cities, Liège is very conducive to expatriation. Various employment opportunities are available there due to its developed economy. In fact, Liège hosts the country and Western Europe second largest sea port. It also specialized in air freight. But its economy is also based on several other pillars which contribute to its economic prosperity.

Liège, in fact, is a modern and dynamic city to which you will have no trouble to adapt if you wish to settle and work there.


Besides its port and freight sectors, Liège also hosts many high tech, aviation and food manufacturing industries. Among these, Aero Tech, Jupiter and Galler. Information and communication technology is also deemed to be one of the city's main economic pillars, along with media. In fact, the Mediacity, which is a huge media broadcasting complex, hosts recording studios, as well as 2D and 3D, web design, graphic design, cinematography and post-production companies, among others. This complex stretches over some 69.39 km2.

Moreover, many films and animations are produced in Liège. Note that these companies have taken over tobacco factories, which once used to be one of the city's major economic activities.

You will also find the University of Liège which welcomes thousands of local and foreign students every year.

Find a job

To find a job in Liège, start by checking out job offers on general and specialized job websites, as well as classified ads in local newspapers. Word-of-mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts in the city. You can also register with the Walloon Forem if you have just landed in Liège, or with the Local Employment Agency.

However, particular conditions apply for registration with the Local Employment Agency:

  • those who are less than 45 years old have to be unemployed for at least two years while those who are more than 45 years old have to be unemployed for 6 months.
  • You have to benefit completely or partially from the Social Integration Fund or from any other equivalent social aid.

Alternatively, you can also register with other recruitment agencies which you can find almost everywhere across the city.

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