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Brussels is one of Belgium's major cities in terms of professional expatriation. Find out, in this article, how to proceed to find a job there.

If you intend to settle in Brussels, finding a job will definitely be one of your priorities. In fact, Belgium's capital city offers various opportunities to young professionals in many fields. Hence, finding a job there should not be a difficult task provided you have the qualifications and expertise required by the local labor market.

 Good to know:

According to Actiris statistics, the Brussels's employment rate stood at 52.5% within a 65.1% active population. As regards unemployment rate, it stood at 19.3% as at May 2014.

Find a job

You may start your job search right from your home country. Internet will be your greatest tool. In fact, you can check out numerous general and specialized job websites and register with these so that you can get the latest job updates.

If you are already in the country, you can also seek the assistance of various local organizations and agencies such as Actiris which is Brussels's Labor Office, the Professions and Studies Information Service, the Werk en opleidingen in Vlaanderen (VDAB) in Flanders, or other workshops such as the Werkwinkels.

Temporary labor agencies are also available for those who are looking for temporary job opportunities or internships in Brussels. Note that temporary work contracts often lead to permanent ones. Hence, do not miss these opportunities if you are planning a long stay in the Belgian capital city.

Job fairs

Like most major European cities, Brussels also hosts job fairs regularly. Young professional hence have the opportunity of getting in touch with companies which are looking for manpower, be it local or foreign. By visiting these job fairs, you will also have a better picture of the local labor market's needs. Actiris also organize a yearly labor week in Brussels so as to allow job seekers and students meet promising employers and companies.

Citizenjobs, for its part, is held twice a year in the capital city by ASBL, which is a non-profit organization. You can also visit those which are held by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the Brussels Companies Union, etc., which represent several fields.

Government opportunities

Foreigners having the right profile may also be hired by the Belgian government. The Selor website, which is a public service website, regularly advertises vacancies which are available in the public sector at several levels: federal, regional and communal. Jobpunt Vlaandere, for its part, advertises vacancies which are available in the Flemish government. You can also check out vacancies with the European Personnel Selection Office if you wish to work with one of the European Union's institutions.

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