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Being Belgium's third major city, Charleroi has much to offer to job seekers, even to English-speaking foreigners. Here is an overview.

Emerging from the “Pays noir” (Black country), Charleroi has now become one of Belgium's major cities and economic and financial hubs. In fact, the city has a key role to play in terms of road and railway networks, as well as in the industrial field. Hence, it is known to be the Walloon region's main city.

In addition to its cultural heritage, the city also has an advanced sports infrastructure, as well as many sports clubs which greatly contribute to leisure activities and tourism.


Charleroi's economy is a very developed one, especially due to the development of industry. The city hosts many mechanical, electrical construction, steel and glass manufacturing, chemical and engineering companies. Most of these are Belgian-owned.

Note that Wallonia's Public Employment Service and Training Office, as well as the Walloon Social Credit Society are also found in Charleroi.

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Employment is said to be one of Charleroi's main priorities. In fact, the city works with the close collaboration of other organizations regarding employment and inclusion. Among these, the Metropolitan Council's cities and municipalities, the Forem, the Walloon Agency for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities, Archipelago, the Hainaut province, MIREC, federal and regional ministries, as well as big European Union private firms and small and medium enterprises.

The Walloon Agency for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities' aim is to help disabled people join the local labor market along with providing them with training and financial support so that they become independent. The Charleroi Sub-regional Training and Employment Committee consists of field agents who provide not only advice but also support to future entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Charleroi's Public Center for Social Action has a specialized labor department providing relevant assistance to job seekers. As regards the National Employment Office, it is closely related to social security, unemployment insurance and other benefits. Other organizations such as the Walloon Employment Department, the Federal Public Service, Labor and Social Dialogue Department also provide assistance to job seekers.

Alternatively, you can check out job websites and classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on the spot. You may also send spontaneous job applications to big firms operating in the region.

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