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If you chose to settle in Leuven, you will have to find accommodation. Expat.com provides you with all related information regarding Leuven.

Leuven mainly attracts students. But accommodation offers are also available for young professionals. Here is some useful information.

Leuven is quite a small city compared to Brussels, Antwerp, Charleroi and Liege. However, it is deemed to be a popular Belgian city due to its huge historical and cultural heritage. Leuven is the Flemish Brabant's capital city as well as that of the district bearing the same name. Leuven is, above all, famous for its Catholic University which is more than 500 years old. This university not only attracts thousands of students from across the globe, but also tourists.

Leuven has also been attracting foreign investment for a few years. Many companies have been set up there in order to boost its economy. Hence, if you wish to settle there, you will not only be entitled to professional opportunities but also to a range of accommodation options.


Before moving to Leuven, take the time to inquire on its different neighborhoods and on their inhabitants' lifestyles. Note that Leuven consists of five neighborhoods, namely Heverlee, Kessel-Lo, Leuven, Wijgmaal and Wilsele.

Heverlee, which is found in the south of Leuven, is part of the Flemish Brabant region. It is especially famous for the presence of the Catholic High School and the Catholic University of Leuven. Hence, you are more likely to find student housing there, as well as a few apartments.

Kessel-Lo, located in the East of the city, hosts various leisure and sports infrastructure which are ideal for children and families. You will also find a natural park there where you can enjoy picnics. Kessel-Lo also hosts various cultural activities.

Wijgmaal, which is just a few kilometers on the North of Leuven, stretches over some 5 square kilometers. It is deemed to be a huge village, located on the Leuven-Dyle canal's right bank. You are more likely to find houses for rent there.

Find accommodation

You can start your accommodation search right from your home country by checking out general and specialized real estate websites. If you are already in the country, you may check out classified ads in local newspapers or register with a real estate agency. Strolling around the different neighborhoods may also help as you will be able to spot “Te hurr”, that is “For rent” signs hanging on the balconies or windows of vacant housing.

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